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Selling Tips

Potential buyers are looking for love at first sight. They are seeking that immediate attraction, something that makes their heart beat faster – a property that they can’t stop thinking about or imagining themselves living there.

Looking your best.
Street appeal is imperative. Tidy the yard, put out fresh mulch in the garden and add a new latch to the fence so that it opens easily. Give the fence a fresh coat of paint, wash the house and acid wash your pavers or concrete paths.


Meet you at the front door.
We will greet your potential buyer at the front door. They may take their shoes off and will definitely have time to look around at this point. The front door needs to be clean.


Spring clean.
De-cluttering will make the whole house feel larger and take away distractions from the buyer so that they can focus on the house. Take appliances off the kitchen bench tops.


Let there be light.
If the temperature is right, open up windows, French doors and curtains, creating light and breezes. Put lights on, even in the day time, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Lamps are effective too.


Expecting someone?
Present the house as if you are about to have friends over. Set your table, it doesn’t have to be a formal setting, casual is better. Put a jug of water and nice glasses out. If you have a deck or courtyard, focus your efforts there rather than the formal dining area that is not regularly used.


Bedroom etiquette.
Make sure your bed spread is crisply ironed and the bed is perfectly made. Purchase a new doona cover if you’re not happy with the ones you have, but keep it neutral. A blanket neatly folded at the bottom of the bed is very effective. Ultimately, you want it to look like a hotel. Add extra pillows, make your bed the feature. Look at some magazines for ideas.


The bathroom.
Soaps, hand towels, towels and bath oils should be displayed in the bathrooms, again to look like guests are coming over. Buy a beautiful set of towels and new quality soaps that you just use for the open house.




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